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Sweet Mountain (Montaña Dulce) Coffee is a brand owned by 2024 Dominican Republic’s presidential candidate, Dr. Isaías Ramos looking to enter the U.S. market. We met Dr. Ramos in Miami during or facilitation session and then traveled to coffee plantation in Constanza, Dominican Republic to see operations first hand and to immerse ourselves in for 3 days at the plantations to learn the history and aspirations of the brand. We will never forget the delicious tostones, 1,000 insect bites while hiking the jungle plantation, and a couple quick stops after having some of DR’s traditional Helado de Batata which didn’t bode too well for our stomachs on the long mountainous drive but made some great friends in addition to immersing ourselves in the culture. We created the identity kit, packaging and eCommerce website. Looking forward to the launch into the United States.

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